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FPLR Livery Rules

on Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:24 pm
Forza Pro League Racing run a set of livery rules as stated below.

The rules are as follows:

All cars must run a livery related to the championship they have entered. In most instances the livery is race unless otherwise stated on the competition page. Please do not create liveries which could be deemed offensive or harmful to others. If you are running in a team you must run the same livery (slight alternations are allowed if you are running in different cars)

The livery must contain the following:

FPLR number board on left and right hand side of the cars, this is usually on the door but may be repositioned to the rear quarter if the car shape allows it - the number board size should be appropriate to the size of the car

FPLR number board on bonnet, this can be central or to the left/right, this may be smaller then the door number boards

FPLR number plates should be added to the front and rear of the vehicle, where the vehicle design allows

FPLR window strip should be added to the roof of the vehicle, where the vehicle design allows

Tinted windows are banned

The FPLR sticker pack will be available ASAP
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