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FPLR Super Trofeo - Series Info & Rules Empty FPLR Super Trofeo - Series Info & Rules

on Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:04 pm

FPLR Super Trofeo - Series Info & Rules

FPLR Super Trofeo - Series Info & Rules Forumt11

Welcome to the FPLR Super Trofeo, the Series is based on the Official Lamborghini Super Trofeo.

Event Lobby

The lobby for the event will be open at 8:30pm BST this is to get race settings applied and all drivers in. Whilst every effort will be made to get you into the lobby please make sure you 'appear' online and also have a stable network connection. It is the drivers responsibility to make sure they are 'ONLINE' and connected to the lobby in good time.

Series Events

Series Events will be made up of a 15 minute practice session, a 15 minutes qualifying session and a 50 minute race with one mandatory pit stop.

Practice Starts (9pm BST)
Qualifying Starts: (9:20pm BST)
Race Starts: (9:40pm BST

The Series event calendar can be found HERE

Scoring System

The FPLR Super Trofeo winning titles will be awarded to the Competitor(s) and the Race Team who have scored the highest number of points at the end of the Series

Competition Points will be awarded as follows:

​1st place finish | +25 Competition Points
2nd place finish | +20 Competition Points
3rd place finish | +18 Competition Points
4th place finish | +17 Competition Points
5th place finish | +16 Competition Points
6th place finish | +15 Competition Points
7th place finish | +14 Competition Points
8th place finish | +13 Competition Points
9th place finish | +12 Competition Point
10th place finish | +11 Competition Points
11th place finish | +10 Competition Points
12th place finish | +8 Competition Points
13th place finish | +7 Competition Points
14th place finish | +6 Competition Points
15th place finish | +5 Competition Points
16th place finish | +4 Competition Points
17th place finish | +3 Competition Points
18th place finish | +2 Competition Points
19th place finish | +1 Competition Point
20th place finish | 0 Competition Points

​+10 Competition Points | Attending all Events in a season
+1 Competition Point | Attending Full Event (Practice, Qualifying, and Race)
+1 Competition Point | Pole Position

For the FPLR Super Trofeo Team Championship, only the Competition Points scored by the best classified car per team will be taken into account after each race.


Party chat MUST be kept to a minimum during the race as not to distract other drivers, with the exception of the following:

Racing Incidents
Lap traffic
Passing and/or proximity information
Pit lane entry, exit, and/or upcoming traffic
Technical difficulties or other serious malfunctions

The Grid

The grid will be determined by the order of the fastest time achieved by each car during the Qualifying session

Race Finish

The end-of-race signal will be given at the Line as soon as the leading car crosses it after the scheduled time has elapsed.

Competitors that have finished their race shall promptly remove their vehicle from the track, parking in the designated post-race area which will be designated by the lobby host.


The car placed first will be the one having covered the greatest distance in the scheduled time or its equivalent in laps. All cars will be classified taking into account the number of complete laps they have covered and, for those which have completed the same number of laps, the order in which they crossed the line.

The official overall classifications will be published after the race.

Track Limits

Every driver MUST be aware of unacceptable track Limits,

Drivers must ensure that 2 wheels remain in contact with the circuit at all times, exceeding this limit through excessive use of run off areas or cutting corners will result in action
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