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FRD Mr Angry
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Time Attack - Season 1 - Rules

on Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:39 pm
Race Format

   This is a time attack event where the goal is to set your quickest time within the class and track specified for that week.
   The season will run for 10 events set weekly with the final positions being awarded points from the fastest down.


   Each week there will be a choice of 5 different locations, each of a similar length. The track will be chosen by you through a poll on the FRDUK Facebook page.
   Voting will run from 8pm Monday night until 8pm the following Sunday night and confirmation announced Sunday evening.
   The class will be chosen by the admin team and announced with the track.


   The event will run from Monday 8pm until the following Sunday at 8pm, only times set within this window will be accepted.
   If you have at time on the board outside of these you will need to try to better it for it to count that week.
   Times can be set through Freeplay, as long as they show on the leader boards.
   Once times are set only clean laps will be counted.

Assists / Cars / Tunes

   There are no restrictions on using any of the assists but friction assist must be set to off to set a clean lap.
   Any car can be used as long as it is able to run within the class restrictions.
   Any tune can be used whether it is an open, shared or you own tune.


   There are no restrictions on the number of laps or the amount of time you spend setting a time

Special Events

   There will be two events a season through the season chosen by the admin team who will set the car, class & track.
   These events will be double points.
   If you have set a time with an alternate car then you must attempt again, if you have already set a faster time with a different car and can’t beat it then please submit a photo of your time in the race thread to be counted.

Scoring and results

   Leader boards will be posted through the event on the relevant thread which will be filtered by friends.
   Points will be awarded from the fastest times 1st – 20 points to 20th – 1 point.
   Scores will be announced Monday evening with the league positions.
   After the 10th race the league winner will be announced who will receive bragging rights and £10,000,000 Forza 7 Credits


All participants MUST:
   Have an a Race Number and a register their Gamertag.
   Friend request admin team below to allow the times to be seen on the leader boards which will be filtered by friends so your times can be seen and recorded.


   MDH Sambo3108
  Big Toobs
   OG Mr Angry

Your GT must be submitted on the registration thread to be included in the event.
Good luck and light up those leaderboards……
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